VfxAlert Review - Honest Review of VfxAlert Signal 2021

We are here with the review of VfxAlert, one of the topmost signal providers. The main objective of this software is to reduce the risk of wrong trading decisions. Every trader is concerned about the importance of assuming the future price action more accurately to put a trade. In this aspect, some trading tools can be beneficial to help them come up with the right trading decision. VfxAlert is one such signal tool. In this article, we are going to discuss every ins and outs of this software, and figure out if it’s helpful for the traders or not in reality. So, let’s dive deep into it.

Points we discussed here

vfxAlert is a signal service that provides signals for binary options traders. A Russian expert named Aleksandr Mikolyuk is the founder of this bot. It generates more than 50 signals per day as per their website information.

They offer two types of accounts that we will mention below with a detailed overview. On the other hand, this trading signal works based on three strategies.  

To be more specific, this bot pulls triggers for action, to buy or to sell an asset based on market analysis.

Traders can use this tool in their trading strategies so that they can make a profitable trading decision.

vfxAlert is a trading signal provider bot that allows traders to guess the potential price action more accurately. Traders who are familiar with the basic principles of the trading market, technical analysis, and statistical methods choose to use these types of trading signal bots. Some major features of the VfxAlert are:

  • Full range of online analytical tools
  • Two account types: Free and Pro
  • $45/yearly for Pro account
  • 75%-85% profit rate
  • Available strategies: trending, short-term, and reversal
  • Extended statistics, Heat Maps
  • Convenient interface
  • Mailing signal service
  • Available for any binary options brokers
  • Provide signal powers
  • e-mail support team
  • Wide range of payment methods

You can easily find the registration form by clicking the option “Signup” at the top right corner from the home page of the website.

Next, complete the signup process with your email & password. Click on the given box right below if you agree with the terms. After signing up to vfxAlert, you will get a confirmation mail.

And all done. To enter the platform, just Log in with your registered mail and password & start your trading.

VfxAlert offers two types account 

  • Free Account
  • Pro Account

FREE account will give you small opportunities. Through a free account, you can only test, how the signal runs.

On the other hand, the PRO account will give you a lot of additional facilities. Pro-Account signal power is extremely strong. you can also add any broker by only putting the broker name and link. 

Lets see some features of FREE & PRO Account 


  • Signal Power
  • No Ads
  • Any Broker
  • Heat Amps
  • Signal Filter
  • Signal Subscription
  • Extended Stastics


$ 0
  • 1/4


$ 45
  • Full
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vfxAlert provides service of signals and statistics based on the market price movement and technical analysis. But traders shouldn’t solely depend on signals.

Traders usually trade based on their trading strategies and signals used only as confirmation. vfxAlert Signal toolbox contains Asset, Price, Time, Expiration, Power, Signal, Algorithm, and Heat map.

There are three available signals: Short-term, Reversal and Trending. You can determine the conditions of maximum probability signals.

By Heat maps, you can measure the favourable market situations. Here, all the signals are based on the successful trading strategies that are built in-house by vfxAlert team.

Each new signal has time, resource, data, directions, opening & closing price, countdown, expiry time and final result.

Besides, on the top toolbox, you will get Charts, Trends, Forecasts and Economic Calendar as well. You can control your account from a separate window. Also, you can see the exact number of earned/lost signals as they update all the results in real-time.

Unfortunately, vfxAlert does not offer trading strategies for traders. They only provide signals and statistics depending on the current indicator’s value. So, you have to make strategies by using this signal.


vfxAlert provides alert via Telegram. You need to follow the steps given below to start getting signals in your mobile.

  • First, you need to create an account with vfxAlert
  • Open your mobile telegram and find @vfxAlert_bot
  • Type “Token” and send the command, and you will get a token number afterwards.
  • Now, copy the token no and paste it on the ‘setting page’ and click connect.
  • Select assets, algorithm, power, and assets before clicking on ‘update setting’.

Note that you only get alert on your mobile only if you have a Pro account.

vfxAlert provides excellent e-mail support for its users. There is no online chat support option yet which is a bit more convenient for users to ask their queries. However, you can send a simple e-mail to know anything about your confusion. You may have to wait a couple of hours or even more to get the reply. 

There are three payment methods in vfxAlert. You can pay either with Credit Card , PayPal or with Payeer.

Signals are not a recommendation for action. Eventually, signals are the result of market analysis on a particular algorithm. Trades should understand how signals are formed, and current market tendencies to make the right decision. So that they can get all the advantages by utilizing such trading tools.


  • Convenient interface
  • Signal based on technical analysis and price actions
  • Alert service via Telegram
  • Necessary data to evaluate market movement correctly
  • Extended statistics
  • Free account facility
  • Any binary options broker 
  • wide range of asset signals
  • Generates more than 50 signals per day
  • Automatically clarified during volatility news events


  • Less facility on free account
  • No live chat option

Final Result

  • We cant find VfxAlert as a Scam.
  • Its Secure & Safe.
  • Signal Accuracy is  80-90%.
  • Great for Beginners & New Comers.
  • However VfxAlert offers various signals, indicators , strategies but we advice use your own strategy with this signal to makes your trade successful.
  • Check also our video tutorials of VfxAlerts : Click here to watch